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Pond Cleaning Importance

Ponds are an important component of your landscape design, both in terms of appearance and functionality. To look their best, ponds need regular and seasonal upkeep and servicing. The size, location, and type of water feature are all factors determining how often pond cleaning is required.

Clean Pond Pros have developed a process that makes pond maintenance easier than you can imagine. Because no two ponds are alike, we’ve also created flexible pond cleaning packages to fit your needs. This way you can rest assured your pond stays healthy and beautiful, regardless of the season.

A pond cleaning should be done at a minimum of once per year.

An annual cleaning is the time to give your pond a facelift. Pond cleaning allows us to check the health of your pond, and cut back and thin out any plants, moss and debris in or around your pond.


Weed Control

Do you have lots of weeds and algae distracting from the beautiful reflections in the clear water you once had?

Break the weed and algae cycle!

Weeds grow in a perfect combination of warm water, sunlight, and the right nutrients. These factors must be controlled or you will have weed growth. We can help you get control of the weeds and algae and rediscover the natural beauty of your pond.

Clean Pond Pros will guide you through the process of identifying and eliminating the unwanted weeds and algae in your pond.  Our experts will recommend the control products right for you,  your pond, and your budget.

Weeds don’t show up over night, they probably won’t disappear either. Unwanted weeds in your pond can quickly invade and take control of your pond. Clean Pond Pros will prescribe a treatment method that fits your budget, your time frame, and your preferred method of weed control. We recommend pond treatment products with chemicals that are safe for you, your pond, and its inhabitants. With time, effort and patience, your weeds are eliminated.

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We look forward to working with you on all your pond cleaning needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a consultation.


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